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Top Tips to Ease Back Pain

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Experiencing the throbbing discomfort that back pain has to offer, is not what anybody , would wish for. There are a few ways to actively ease the symptoms of back pain.

1: In order to ease inflammation; it is important that you do not apply heat onto the affected area. Think of inflammation as the redness, heat and/or pain, when experiencing back ache. Adding more heat in the form of a hot water bottle or even a hot bath can actually worsen the inflammation.

2: Use ice or a cold compress instead of heat, to ease the affected area. As inflammation is associated with heat; combating this heat with a cold elements will calm this response. Try rubbing a little arnica gel on the area or using a pack of ice, wrapped in a pillow case!

3: A full body massage is immensely effective and important in easing your pain and throbbing back pain. Not only does a full body massage help to release stored tension in muscles but it further allows you to relax your mind.

4: Exercise is extremely helpful in maintaining strong bones and keeping muscle supple. Regular exercise such as yoga, running or swimming is a great start.

5: Correcting your posture. Poor posture can cause muscle imbalances and in the long run change your overall body form. So, when you find yourself slouching or walking with a crooked back, remember to actively start correcting these postural mistakes till your posture improves.


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