Supporting Your Success



A Healthier You

With a One-to-One nutrition consultation. I am able to analyse and assess your body's function. We discuss your needs and goals in depth through the use of detailed questioning. After an in-depth analyse I can then formulate a personalised lifestyle & diet plan.
You will leave with strategic tools and techniques to help you achieve a more balanced and fulfilling state.


A Cleaner Version of You

A Follow-up consultation is necessary for me to catch-up with you as a client in order to review your progress and implement any further changes to your plan.

You can come back for a follow-up consultation as many times as you feel the need too. 


Align Your Mind, Body & Soul

Bring your body back into balance with a completely relaxing and restorative massage. Experience ultimate peace and harmony as the tension in your muscles fade away. Gentle or firmly soothing strokes that boost energy levels and relieve symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and depression. Massage can be implemented in weight loss and detoxification plans.


Absolute Renewal

A clean colon is absolutely imperative to overall health. Over 80% of our immune cells are in our colon. An unclean colon may result in you feeling sluggish, fatigued, unhappy, overweight and you may experience other symptoms such as headaches, blotchy/spotty skin, bad breath, heavy periods, constipation, IBS symptoms. After a colon cleanse, you can expect to feel renewed, energetic and recharged. In this programme you can expect a complete diet and lifestyle plan which includes the use of supplements, herbs and certain botanicals.

This detox ranges from 1 day to 2 weeks.

*A Colon detox programme can only be undertaken after a Nutrition Consultation & a Follow- Up


Complete Rejuvanation

Your liver has over 500+ functions to carry out on a daily basis including getting rid of toxins safely and effectively. Someone who may benefit from a liver cleanse may experience symptoms such as sensitivities to chemicals, cravings for sweets, feeling foggy, constipation, feeling anxious and being able to shift unwanted weight. In this program you can expect a thorough, personalised diet plan and lifestyle detox which include the use of herbs, supplements and certain antioxidants.

This detox ranges from 1- 3 days.

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